What is an Magnetic Field?

Magnets are probably the most well-known kind of magnetic material and perhaps you’re wondering what their characteristics are. This article will discuss the most crucial details regarding magnetic materials. An easy diagram will describe the different kinds of magnets and their working principles. Once you’ve gained a basic knowledge of magnets, you can begin to explore the world… Continue reading  What is an Magnetic Field?

Magnets are found in almost every household

Magnets are found in almost every household. Magnets are found in electronics clothes, accessories for clothing, DVD Box sets, refrigerator magnets and even in the DVD Box. Tiny, strong magnets referred to as Neodymium were first discovered years ago and have since been used for a variety of purposes. They also can alter electrical conductors.… Continue reading Magnets are found in almost every household

rare earth magnets

When the first rare earth magnet was created in 1939, the inventors were shocked when they learned it was not rare. The name is based on the idea that these elements are scarce and only found in concentrated pockets. However, they are abundant and can be mined economically. Today, the use of rare earth magnets… Continue reading rare earth magnets