Communication and meditation

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"The quality of your life is equal to the quality of your communications." - Tony Robbins

For me, seeing the truth of this statement that 'the quality of your life is equal to the quality of your communications' is a given, as I have already observed that everything I receive comes in the form of a thought, whether i'm interpreting a thought associated with a physical experience I have, or a thought relating to a conversation with another person, or with myself, or whatever. It is all about the quality of my thoughts, and we now know that communication is about thoughts as well as words, and as Colin Turner states, 'Everything is a communication - you cannot not communicate'.

The thoughts we have are either positive, supporting, empowering and happiness-giving, or they are negative and disempowering, and so communication, whether with ourselves or with others, provides a wonderful place to start in developing, embracing and enjoying our human potential. Realising our ability to communicate more and more as we wish is a beautiful part of discovering oursleves, and, of course, will bring its own benefits.

We start with two great articles about effective communication. The first is on the technique of asking oneself better questions as part of communicating wth oneself, and the second a direct link to the wonderfully illuminating and inspiring Inner Strength Films.

What Winners and Losers Do

Whether you want to be a winner or a loser, this concise and rather useful series of definitions of what winners and losers do may well have some key observations to point you in the right direction.

A Question of Enlightenment

Do you know how many people in the World could be considered enlightened? Could you hazard a guess? How quickly is the number rising? What will the World be like when everyone is at the level of the Avatars?

Emotional Mastery Digital Card Set

Emotional Mastery to take you into the New Year? It is with pleasure that we offer you this tool for making the feeling of life more pleasurable. Find out how simple it can be to transform your relationship with your own emotions.

Emotional Freedom... The Sedona Method

One of the techniques and tools which you might find very effective at allowing you to release negative emotions and fears, and to live in the moment in freedom and happiness, is The Sedona Method. Find out all about it right here: book of mormon tickets broadway

Sharpening Our Tools for Maximum Effectiveness

As we remember the law of 'sharpen your tools' from the series '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' by Stephen Covey, we invite you to join us and consider where and how we might sharpen our tools. A simple application of focus.

Kama Sutra, Deepak Chopra

Another fascinating offering from Dr Chopra. This book is an expansion of the original text written by poet Vasyayana between the 1st and 6th centuries A.D. "Don't yearn for some faraway heaven. This world plus love is heaven."

Foolish Happiness

Following the release of the recent Dan Millman 'Peaceful Warrior' movie, the idea arose that 'only a fool is happy when his needs are met'; perhaps one of the single most important concepts to understand in terms of happiness.