Consciousness Potential

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The premise is that consciousness itself is evolving.

Whether or not it is, our awareness and use of it most certainly is.

And this represents a wonderful opportunity for the world.

More and more people are working with their thoughts to choose their lives, and one notion is that we literally pull the good in the universe forward every time we engage in a thought or act which develops consciousness, as the widely held belief is that consciousness is the 'stuff' that transverses all things in the universe.

Ken Wilber introduces this when he talks about a new destiny that arises from consciousness...

" ...what's being laid down are actually structures of consciousness, these are actually being created right now. They're not 'platonic givens' that drop down from Heaven. They are structures that we build every time we engage in a thought that's just a little bit higher than the thought we had a moment before. Or an activity that's just a little bit more noble than the activity we engaged in a moment before."

The 'Hundredth Monkey' syndrome, as explained by Dr. Deepak Chopra, explains the essence of consciousness quite nicely.

In this, he explains that a group of monkeys on an island can be influnced by, and pick up the habits of the behaviour of a group of other monkeys on a different island completely out of the way of sight or normal communication, once the number of individuals engaging in a certain new behaviour reaches a certain critical mass, (though not neccessarily exactly one hundred).

The notion is that the second group are picking up on the consciousness of the first. You can visit: matilda musical tickets

We also use the term and understanding quite often in our societies when we talk about such things as an 'abundance consciousness', or 'poverty consciousness', 'love consciousness', and so on.

A further feel for this can be gained from Dr. Chopra's 'Peace Is The Way', as he talks about the organisation's mission as "To collectively become a critical mass of peace consciousness in the world... ".

A final observation for now is the quality of consciousness to follow the 'Law of Attraction' notion; that an individual can change their life by changing what they think about and focus upon. This is, again, conscious creation, or working with beliefs, or sometimes called a 'focus of consciousness', and is explored in our section by the same name.