Creative Solutions

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When we realise that everything is a creative opportunity we may begin to approach all of our challenges, whether personal or collective, or even global, from a position of creative enjoyment and joy, rather than from a place of fear, and rejection of the situation as nothing more than a necessary and un-wished for chore.

If you think about it, in any moment in which you see a problem as solely that, then you are waiting until that problem is solved before things are okay. You wait until that thing is solved before you can enjoy yourself. But that approach goes straight in the face of the universally accepted wisdom of living in the moment.

So on these occasions there has to be something we are missing; some factor or approach. If everything happens for a reason then what is the purpose for us of the scenario we thought we wanted to reject?!

Asking and answering this seo packages sydney question may lead us to take an effective solution approach, rather than one of 'papering over the cracks', (see our article 'Whilst Money Can be Useful...' below).

It may inspire or lead us to take a fully integrated approach, rather than a piecemeal one, (see our core message on Integration).

And it may push us to wish to take a love-based approach based on an abundance mentality, rather than a fear and scarcity-mentality approach, (see our core message on Love).

If you look at people who are enjoying themselves in their work, they are addressing the exact same kinds of puzzles as others, but they are approaching them from a very different mindset.

In the Chinese language there is only one word and one symbol for both our words of 'opportunity' and 'adversity'. This is because the history and culture of that nation understood that these two things were one and the same. They understood that in every difficulty or adversity there is the seed of an equivalent creative opportunity.

When we understand and live this we can both enjoy our creative challenges by living in the moment, and, of course, enjoy more harmonious results.

There is also a link placed below for the 'Peace Is the Way' approach, guided by Deepak Chopra, which holds many points of use for solving problems creatively.

Here's to our creative opportunities for adding value and developing smooth, harmonious and integrated ways of living. Remember, the Discussion Forums are there for us to develop and support ideas further.