Magnetic Ball Gel

magnetic ball

The craze of magnetic ball gels has become so popular recently that more shops are now selling them. The craze revolves around small kids putting on the little magnetic balls inside their mouths – one inside each mouth – in order to create the effect of having a small face piercing and then sucking on the balls. Some have also accidentally swallowed the balls however, which can cause serious damage to the digestive tract. In reality though, the magnetic balls are just tiny magnets that can’t really do any damage to the human body. The main attraction though is the fact that it does indeed give the wearer the impression that they are wearing a small earring.

What exactly is a magnetic ball gel? Basically, the gel consists of a little magnetic ball magnetized by an electric current. In order for this to be done, the person to be pierced needs to put the magnetic ball inside their mouth. The gel is then used to stick to the teeth and the upper gum line so as to give the wearer that piercing look that is so popular today. The idea of this type of piercing may be a little strange for those who have never had any type of piercing before but if you consider how people actually wear these little balls on their faces, they actually do have a purpose and are very safe to use.

The first thing that is noticeable when you see someone wearing a magnetic ball gel is the way that the skin looks around their piercing. While there may be slight redness and bruising, the gel does not hurt at all and only looks like a red stain or something similar. There are several types of designs available, but the most common are the ones with the magnetic ball on either side, a small metal screw on the end, or even just the ball itself. This can range from small and decorative, to bigger and elaborate designs like butterflies or hearts. These are the types of designs that are usually sold in the stores. However, you can also find magnetic ball gels that are made out of beads, small studs and even other materials such as silver, gold plating.

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