What Is Aerobiology?

Aerobiology has long been thought to be the study of the movement of organisms through the airway. However, many scientists and medical practitioners believe that this is not always the case. The term ‘aerobiology’ has different meanings in different disciplines, and in medicine it is often used to refer to the study of the movement of airborne organisms, but there is no general agreement on its exact definition. Aerobiology is really a branch of molecular biology that studies biological molecules, including bacteria, spores, fungal spores and even pollen grains. Scientists believe that these organisms can be carried by the wind, be inhaled or ingested into the body via inhalation or ingestion. In addition to being a broad classification of micro-organisms, researchers also classify it as an interdisciplinary field with the help of many tools and instruments like X-ray machines, cameras, microscopes and even computers. This classification is important for the purposes of the article, which is intended to educate and inform readers about the topic of air and how it works.


Aerobiotics can be used to explain the way in which cells move through the circulatory system. The cells are kept in place by capillaries in the nose and throat. They transport fluid between tissues at different times in the life cycle of an organism, and they do so in the form of oxygenated blood. As an example, some species are able to live without a heart, as they have the ability to transport oxygenated blood from their lungs into their body cells. The respiratory systems, where the cells are kept in place, also transport mucus from the lung into the sinuses. The muscles and tendons in the body work as a network, as do the nerves, muscles and joints.

The study of the movement of microscopic organisms, like bacteria and fungi, involves a lot of equipment. For example, there are microscopes and fluorescent microscopy machines that enable the study of cells under a microscope. If you are interested in the study of the movement of these tiny creatures then you should consider enrolling yourself in a course in aerobiology.

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