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  • 100 Things Magnets Are Used for

    100 Things Magnets Are Used for

    100 Thing Magnets Are Used for You Never Thought of Magnets can be found everywhere, regardless of whether you’ve ever been in one or never even heard about them. Magnets can be either made of permanent magnet materials, or powered by electricity. This article will cover just a handful of uses for magnets. Hopefully, you’ll […]

  • Real Fluid Inside the Tavern?

    Can There Be a Real Fluid Inside the Tavern?   Ferr is a viscous liquid, that will be brought on by both the poles of a powerful magnet and also an opposite polarity. They are colloid liquids composed of nanometer-sized ferromagnetic particles suspended in an electrolyte carrier solution. Every magnetic particle has been tightly coated with […]

  • Hanging Magnets

    Hanging Magnets – Advantages of Using These in the Home Hanging magnets are made to let you hang or display objects around your home. Magnetic hooks are among the most sought-after and most sought-after items that can be used for many things. Hanging magnets are used to hang diplomas, photos as well as other special souvenirs on doors. Magnetic […]

  • through JM’s wide variety of used

    If you’re looking for magnets for sale, you’ve come to the right place. JM industrial buys and sells magnets from the world’s leading manufacturers and various specifications. They offer rare earth and neodymium magnets, and even sell metal detectors. Find the perfect magnet for your next project, and get the most bang for your buck. You […]